Monthly Archives: June 2015

DARPA Robotics Challenge

Seeing your own robot fall takes your breath away – this is why this video shows you robots falling which where build by strangers at the DARPA Robotics Challenge this year 🙂

Of course there has been a winner, which you can see here:

It’s amazing what robots already are capable of, even if it still takes several hours to solve simple issues.

A case for the RepRap Prusa Mendel i2

Some time ago I built a case for the RepRap Prusa Mendel i2. We used birch wood and plexiglass. Combined with some Curves the final design is very transportable and nice looking.

Attached to some lights I found in the attic, the printer nicely shines in the dark:

Printing results increased significantly because of less environment influences – like wind or temperature changes which lead to warping and other issues.