thesis writing intermediate state

It has been really quiet in this blog recently. This is because I am currently writing my thesis in latex. Therefore I thought today is a good moment to tell you about some things i learned since the last post.

I have been putting lots of effort into the history of mobile robotics, have been researching some sources and achieved some knowledge about the recent development of Willow Garage, Boston Dynamics and some universities like the TU-Darmstadt.

hence I now distinguish between mobile robots, UGVs and AGVs, consider Willow Garage as possibly dead (even if it isn’t since the majority of employees moved in February) and feel deep respect of whats possible with legged robots shown by Boston Dynamics.

Time is running, it’s scary and spectacular at the same time regarding what is possible with mobile robots. My first 10k of words have been written and there is sill a lot more to be done until the 29th of September 2014.

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