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my first Thinkpad T450s experiences

tl;dr probably my device was laptop version of a lemon car, which took me nuts, but still I want to have (a properly working) T450s again


I recently got a brand new Thinkpad T450s, which I was waiting for since December and yet I am writing this post from my old sloppy Asus F3JA. You might just ask yourself why – well, the reasons are multifarious, but in the end lead to send it back to the producer. First the positive things: the 14” FullHD display is amazing, the magnesium case very stable and nice – the background led keyboard really impressed me and increased my coding experiences. Both of the integrated and the external battery held longer than every device I had but still…

iwlwifi drove me mad, unable to hold a connection longer than a few minutes – it interupted my workflow significantly. Furthermore several parts like brightness, power saving settings didn’t work properly and blended me at night while burning power. Last but not least, the squeak of doom:

Youtube Video

Every time you put your hand on the laptop it groaned as like it didn’t like to be used. After two days I shred the 320Gb SDD the times by overwriting it with random data and sent it back as a warranty case. Hopefully this device will be replaced as all of the errors I had didn’t occur on my colleagues T450s, who has got it in the same order and time.

But still and in conclusion: I really like the T450s, it is very light, feels right, is really powerful and mobile. Its 14” fit perfectly into an usual european A4 (default paper size) bag and its case keep it intact. Overall I really look forward to get a properly working version of this little fellow soon.