2PrintBeta BetaPrusaV2 3D printer kit deluxe experiences

it has been a time full of up and downs with the assembly of second iteration of Reprap Prusa Mendel printer BetaPrusaV2. The not p reassembled “deluxe” Kit I ordered from 2Print Beta contained several improvements in comparison to the original Mendels, but also some things that forced me and everybody who helped my to think very hard to fix certain issues. For example some of the parts had misplaced drill holes, or not enough glued nuts which resulted in incorrect placement of axis and as a consequence stepper motors to block or not working reliable. The problems got on their top when the z-axis (up and down) was unable to move completely because of the threaded rod. Even if a certain degree of this issue is calculated into the design of the printer, the not fine pitched threads needed to be replaced entirely by several tries i did by rods bought in home improvement stores and cut at home.

Finally, after more than 40-50 man hours I now gained all the information and experiences to print the first thing – but wait, the kit did not offer any testing filament. This would have been very nice in order to avoid problems with material and thickness decisions that are not really well mentioned in the in all other belonging very well documented kit. So I ordered some ABS 2.75 fillament additionally which was way trickier to print than it would had been with usual PLA.


The first 2*2 calibration cube in ABS

Since then, progress is happening – after ordering some PLA and about 2-3 hours for figuring things out I am not able to print whatever I can imagine.

An additional thought I might give is the printing speed to printing quality relation,  the possible 100% usually leads to massive quality problems, which is why my usual printing job starts at 25% for the first layer to stay on the heated bed and after that on 75% giving me a good result.


Slic3r and pronterface to create and guard the printing process


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