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Parsoid 0.9.0 update brings 406 Not Acceptable docserver error in VisualEditor REL_30 on Mediawiki 1.30

Some of my mediawiki instances broke when editing a page with VisualEditor on REL_30 today bringing HTTP 416 Errors related to Parsoid.

Strangely this error only occured when editing  existing pages, simplyfied as curl below:


After a while I found that parsoid announced the behavoiur on there github rep:

This release requires clients (VE, etc.) to return a 1.6.0 and greater HTML version string in the header. If not, Parsoid will return a HTTP 406. This can be fixed by updating VE (or relevant clients) to a more recent version.

Unfortunately I used their .deb repository which didn’t provide the 0.8.0 package for reverting the update. And since I’ve already updated  -marking it on hold in apt was no longer an option.

After reading a bit through the source code the solution I found until the next mediawiki stable versions arrives can be followed by editing the

and switch this line:

to that

It’s not pretty, but for now it solved my issues.

Robot Thoughts

Friends of mine and myself met and discussed an advanced robot design. Here some impressions:


Smart Electronics LCD Module Display Monitor 1602 5V Blue

LiquidCrystal-Display blue 1602 Arduino Nano

I recently bought several “Smart Electronics LCD Module Display Monitor 1602 5V Blue” for building a wifi alarm clock. It uses the very common Hitachi HD44780 driver. To verify if they are working I followed this well described tutorial on and used a arduino nano for that. Removing the 10k ohms resistor, because it dimmed the LED background light way to much and after adjusting the potentiometer to about 1,64k ohms the visibility of desired output was optimal.

For the sake of documentation the:



The next step is to connect it to an esp8266 and figuring out if the new 3.3V signal strength will be enough. A possible solution would be to use the esp8266 only as a communication device.