VW T4 Project – first trip to Darss peninsula – Baltic Sea

A week has gone by since I bought the Volkswagen (VW) T4, no more time to waste until the first long range test of the vehicle. Most issues reveal only after a longer distance like the 600km from my hometown up to Darss an peninsula of the Baltic Sea. Accidentally this weekend Pentecost (Pfingsten) took place so I had three days to spend at the sea and avoiding usual camping sites.

Besides the pictures the VW T4 made a good impression. The new summer tires remarkably made the car less noisy. The missing cruise control lead to two tickets from speeding ( even if I usually drive slow and safe, but navigating through an unknown area with a new car and bad signposting).  I will need to wait until the fees arrive but I hope they won’t get me too hard.

In summary, the VW T4 totally passed the test of traveling a longer distance and the simplicity of its electronics might be a strength in the future 🙂