VW T4 Project – pictures from underneath

Today I had the chance at my local workshop to look at my VW T4 from beneath. Even if the pictures are taken from below a hydraulic lift, the light setup was semi optimal. But still I’d like to share the pictures for the sake of documentation:

So the bus is currently at the workshop for changing motor oil and coolant, and repairing a small corroded wire under the hood. Everything else looked quite good, before the next technical inspection, a new exhaust, new breaks in the back, some rubber seals might be necessary. Also a new diesel filter might be something to invest.

I also got some cheap tires for driving in summer about 4 years old on new steel rims which have been used only for one summer on a car. The time to use the car for traveling really comes closer day by day.

Things to be done next on my VW T4 Project

  • curtains – i have already brought magnets and special non-transparent cloth with heat reflector for that
  • building a bed (foldable from wood)
  • building a kitchen – this is required to get the T4 taxed as a camper, which is way cheaper
  • creating a power circuit that is capable of supplying my laptop and some technical gadgets that I am planning to do

Thats currently it, we’ll see whats up next 🙂