VW T4 Project – War against Rust – Battle I: fuel tank cap

Today I took my first approach to fight the rust on my VW T4. The previous owners tried to hide the worst spots simply by spraying white paint over it, but missing the right white color and not removing the rust beneath properly, the T4 has several spots that need a bit of work. To have an easy and reversible start I decided to begin with the fuel tank cap. It is demountable by three screws, which came in pretty handy looking at the rainy weather. Therefore I could move into the workshop and try my best to remove the rust:

For matching colors I consulted my service book and looked for the colorcode of my T4 which is 902 white grey. It’s possible to buy a can of this color at the local car parts shop for 12€ for 400ml. After applying three layers to the fuel tank cap, the spray can is still more than half full and will be used on other spots, like wind screen and sills soon.