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ROS Hydro/Indigo and sparkfun IMU LSM9DS0 9DOF

I’ve connected the LSM9DS0 9 degrees of Freedom Breakout Board made by sparkfun with an arduino micro like I’ve described in a previous post, wrote a little rosserial sensor_msgs::Imu publisher and visualized everything using the rqt plugin manager for further experimenting.

Here a screenshot while moving the setup:


a screenshot while not touching:


As you see all data is still moving a lot. So the next step beside finding out what the units really mean, will be stabilizing by using a kalman filter like its provided in the robot_pose_ekf package.

By the way: the arduino is currently using around 25000 of its 28 672 bytes memory just providing the IMU data to ros. So the motorshield will require another micro or we switch it to something else like an wiimote.