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BetaPrusaV2 3D printer kit a Reprap Prusa i2+ Part 1

I am currently assembling a reprap 3D printer.

Howto flash an image to Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi using dd and a progressbar

Most tools don’t show reliable progress informationwhen flashing an operating system to an ssd card. In case you use dd to copy, this issue can be solved by the nice pv tool with:

which results in:


And really lighten up the time when flashing your Pi devices like Raspberry Pi or BananaPi.


ROS presentation recommendation

There is a nice talk about ROS hold by Andreas Bihlmaier presented on the 31. Chaos Communication Congress recently. It introduces the most important parts of ROS to a beginner and explains why the high learning curve is worth the effort.

available here

Status Update: Calibrating for Depth

Currently I am experimenting with stereo vision usb webcams, where an essential step is good calibration. It felt a bit strange to see the image feature detection working on live data:

Screenshot - 09.11.2014

I’ll try to form the gained experiences into a small step by step guide and probably a github repository soon. Currently I am aiming towards depth data gained by webcams only, especially to compare the results to previous setups, and to see if visual odometry can be an option in low cost environments.