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aMoSeRo – first robot_pose_ekf and gmapping

This surely doesn’t look amazing from a external look – but this has been a day of hard work and was very important.

The robot_pose_ekf package is working! It is neither the setup I am going to use nor is it very stable – but it proves some points.

First I needed to write my own IMU driver for ros – 9 degrees of freedom (DOF) for 30€ and a bag of problems. This is a lot cheaper (around 100€) than the often used Razor IMU of sparkfun with existing ROS code, and exactly 3DOF better than the WiiMote (with Motion+ and also about 60-70€) I have been experimenting with. There is still a lot of work left for improving the stability, the calibration of the LSM9DS0 and there has been a lot more to find out about magnetic fields and strange units that needed to be converted in other ones than I would have ever expected – but so far the /imu_data topic serves some not totally wrong data – therefore normalisation minimizes  the issues with the 3-5 scales per axis I had to deal with.

Next I needed to increase my bad odometry sources – if not by quality at least with quantity – and added a GPS sensor as /vo topic.  The CubieTruck is a abstruse while handling some easy things like using one of the possible 8 UART connections…  for today I’ve not managed to get it running with UART but a external serial usb controller. Another area that needs heavy improvement…

Finally I had to deal with the REP105 issue that I have been describing in a previous post. The gmapping algorithm needed to get adjusted parameters, coming along with some serious confusion generated by inconsistent syncing over my 4 working devices (rosBrain with roscore and slamming, rosDev – my development machine, the aMoSeRo and the seafile backup server)…

…but after that all parts worked together for the first time, including a simulated aMoSeRo moving on screen while beeing hold in different angles in the real world.

Everything is still far from done – but right on the way – and we’ve already found out how wide the road is 🙂

ROS Hydro/Indigo and sparkfun IMU LSM9DS0 9DOF

I’ve connected the LSM9DS0 9 degrees of Freedom Breakout Board made by sparkfun with an arduino micro like I’ve described in a previous post, wrote a little rosserial sensor_msgs::Imu publisher and visualized everything using the rqt plugin manager for further experimenting.

Here a screenshot while moving the setup:


a screenshot while not touching:


As you see all data is still moving a lot. So the next step beside finding out what the units really mean, will be stabilizing by using a kalman filter like its provided in the robot_pose_ekf package.

By the way: the arduino is currently using around 25000 of its 28 672 bytes memory just providing the IMU data to ros. So the motorshield will require another micro or we switch it to something else like an wiimote.