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Howto use CubieTruck and tightVNCserver

VNC is a nice tool for remote desktop administration. But like a lot of things, it doesn’t work out of the box on the [amazon &title=CubieTruck&text=CubieTruck].

After installing the tightvncserver with

I started and configured the server with

and tried to login to [amazon &title=CubieTruck&text=CubieTruck]IP:5091 I got a grey screen and nothing more happend. So I suppose thats a blank X instead the Lxde I expected.

So tighvnc server has a small script thats executed after you login with vnc to a server, it is located at ~/.vnc/xstartup and contains by default something like that:

So the VNC really starts a Xsession.. simply comment the last line out (use a #) and add this:

Now it should be possible to use a vnc viewer of your joice – like remmina and connect to your [amazon &title=CubieTruck&text=CubieTruck] using the 5901 port:

Screenshot - 13.05.2014 - 20:09:21