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Howto use docker volumes containing remote sshfs mounts

For my audiobook-feeds github repository I needed docker to be able to use a host volume mount which contained a remote  sshfs mount located on my local raspberry pi with a attached external hard drive. For my own sake of documentation and to offer you something to profit from, I created this small howto:

First of all, connect to your server and mount your remote device via sshfs using the -o allow_root flag. The allow_other option I tried first didn’t work for some reason.

Then run the container using the –privileged flag.

After that the root user of the container is able to list and to server the remote files.


I love podcasts.

I use them frequently and automatically downloaded by the Podcatcher BeyondPod onto my smartphone. In contrast to podcasts, I transfered my audiobooks to my smartphone by cable – which usually was very annoying. Therefore I wrote a little script that is able to close the gap by converting all my audiobooks into subscribable podcast feeds!

Of course it is open source and can be found here:

Some adittional facts:

  • it serves a website to browse your audiobooks and subscribe to certain books
  • serves rss and atom feeds for import
  • it offers a simple password protection to prevent copy right issues
  • runs in docker container (see MakeFile and DockerFile)
  • works when placed in subdirs (e.g. reg for ssl without wildcard)
  • allows custom theming and uses material design as default theme
  • handles encoding of filenames at best effort

Screenshot of the first available version of my audiobook-feeds project

I use it on regular basis and would like others to enjoy it as much as I do. So please feel free to use, spread and contribute to it. And see you soon 🙂