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First welding experiences!

I could manage to buy a cheap welding helmet with automated darkening feature! I already owned a cheap welding electrodes setup an therefore was allowed to take some training welding today:


First welding experiences – top


First welding experiences – bottom


First welding experiences – top 3

This small welding worms are really not worth mentioning in a welding context, but for me, this is a real achievment of working with metal. With that ability I’ll soon be able to fix the sill issue on the front left door πŸ™‚

VW T4 Project – Interior construction – Realization

The step after planning is realization, so I went to the local home improvement store and bought some sawing rough woodΒ  at 3,69 € per meter. I additionally required several M10 screws at 90mm length for assembling the wood construction directly to the ground floor of the VW T4.

Thanks to my going-to-be-brother-in-law for all the help during the wood construction progress! I am totally surprised by the high level of functionality and very low cost for the interior simplyΒ  by combining the given circumstances.

I have already spent two nights inside and do not miss any functionality of theΒ  bed and couch at all, it’s way better than I could imagine πŸ™‚

VW T4 Project – Interior construction – Planning Stage

Usually it is really helpful to take a decent time to plan the interior design, but due to my available going-to-be-brother-in-law
for one day, I had to do this at night during my well deserved sleeping time. Taking the measures from the carpet I came to this Sketchup model:



VW T4 Project – Interior construction – beddinge as a couch, having 5 cm left as a 1,95 cm guy while sitting


VW T4 Project – Interior construction – right side view – top rectangle is roof

Fortunately at this time I had a left over sofa-bed from IKEA called Beddinge around, which I would like to include into my interior design. It is foldable and usable as a couch and therefore perfect as a the heart of my low cost campervan VW T4:

It is possible to pull the seating area and get an full 140 by 200 cm bed by that:


VW T4 Project – Interior construction – front right view


VW T4 Project – Interior construction – back right view

VW T4 Project – War against Rust – Battle VI – Interioir

As presented in a previous post, my beloved Vw T4 has some Issues with rust on the interior floor. For some reasons I will explain soon, I only got one night to solve these and handle all spots below the carpet as good as possible.

This is where we have to start:

VW T4 Project – Interior construction - Removal of all Seats - looks like an area needs to be treated

VW T4 Project – Interior construction – Removal of all Seats – looks like an area needs to be treated

I forgot to take the right amount of progress pictures but some can be shown here:

it is really time to learn to weld and to plan the interior functional design.

VW T4 Project – Interior construction – Removal of all Seats and carpets

I currently do not know anything about the status of my VW T4 interior. Is there rust? Do I need to fix anything before starting to convert the interior to fit the local camper regulations?

Only one way to find out, therefore I started by removing the seats:

So far, so good, but the real trouble might be under the carpet:

in conclusion, this needs to be handled before it means any further trouble.