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aMoSeRo – first Simultaneous Planning Localization and Mapping (SPLAM)

Far from done, but right on the way – the aMoSeRo did his first 2D planning today.  There are still a lot of adjustments needed for the mapping to work properly, but it’s already impressive to see ROS working.

first SPLAM - first navigation through a map

first SPLAM – first navigation through a map

The node graph still grows and will need some changes when used with multiple robots, but organising goes on 🙂

first SPLAM - it is getting even worse, more topics, more nodes

aMoSeRo – very first mapping view available

After days with latex and struggling with all sensor data a mobile robot needs, today is the first day of ROS showing me a small map view. It’s anything but stable and I can’t claim understanding everything – but because I’ve hadn’t something to report for some time now here a small demonstration:

First Mapping Experience

Screenshot fromMAP

ScreenshotTopics Topics Overview – amosero a distributed system still far from optimal

Because my IMU doesn’t do its work as it should, I’ve used a WiiMote Motion + and run it by a common ros driver and bluetooth.

Yeeeha 🙂

aMoSeRo xbox controller support

ROS is amazing. After installing the xbox drivers (xboxdrv) on linux, following some well written instructions and writing about 100 lines of own code – the aMoSeRo is now able to be controlled by an xbox controller.

Driving the robot around the house revealed the real power behind the two RB-35 (1:30). Not to fast to control but very strong driving over piles of books the motors seemed to be a good choice.

Some issues with the wheels – a lot of force beeing at work, especially along the positive and negative y-axis (see REP103 post) will be solved soon by some super glue 🙂

So demonstrating the robot in future will be a lot more easy and controllable – and a lot more fun!


aMoSeRo at Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg Open Day

Today we’ve had the honor to inform young high school students about the education possibilities of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg at their Open Day. In four hours I’ve learned howto explain everything about the aMoSeRo in a few sentences. Sadly we weren’t able to drive around because everything was very crowded, but we could demonstrate the 3D PointClouds a bit. So everybody was able to see the mathematics in infomatics by example 🙂

The only chance to take some photos had been before the day started, but here are some impressions:

ROS Hydro/Indigo and sparkfun IMU LSM9DS0 9DOF

I’ve connected the LSM9DS0 9 degrees of Freedom Breakout Board made by sparkfun with an arduino micro like I’ve described in a previous post, wrote a little rosserial sensor_msgs::Imu publisher and visualized everything using the rqt plugin manager for further experimenting.

Here a screenshot while moving the setup:


a screenshot while not touching:


As you see all data is still moving a lot. So the next step beside finding out what the units really mean, will be stabilizing by using a kalman filter like its provided in the robot_pose_ekf package.

By the way: the arduino is currently using around 25000 of its 28 672 bytes memory just providing the IMU data to ros. So the motorshield will require another micro or we switch it to something else like an wiimote.